The one accident that I am glad that happened!

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Recently I have been thinking abouthow to make original recipes. I have been researching which ingredients goes with each other and came up with my own twist! I was planning on making a white vanilla cake last night with all my ingredients put together but to my surprise it turned out differently from what I expected. Although the cake didn’t turn out like the white cake I wanted, it still tasted very good and moist! I couldn’t pin point the exact taste because to me it tasted between a mixture of sweet bread and yellow cake. Today I took portion of my cake to church and had my sunday school kids (I am a sunday school teacher) try it and tell me what they think it is. To my surprise they said the same thing! A cake and sweet bread mixed together! So after consulting with my sister I decided to name it Sweet Cake Bread because it doesn’t taste fully like a white cake but it doesn’t taste fully like bread either. This cake taste like a mixture of both and let me tell you, I am glad that my accident turned into this cake! I decided that the best filing that would go with this kinda of cake would be apple butter (the kind from Lucille’s BBQ). I rushed to Lucille’s and picked up a pint of their amazing apple butter and put this cake together. It tasted so good that I had to look away to not eat anymore!!! (It is definitely not the healthiest cake I have made, but it is SOOO GOOD). This is definitely a good cake for small parties or get togethers (You can also make mini cakes out of this).

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