Behind the face of this blog is me, Jane Davis.


I am an average Romanian, American girl who basically loves to bake and has a major sweet tooth!


I am a Christian and my faith in Jesus Christ is what gives me a purpose in life and everything I do.

A Wife

I am married to the most handsome, sweetest, hardworking, funny and godly man there ever is! I love him so much! We are BIG travel buddies and also board members of a non profit organization (The Tower of Refuge;we have an orphanage in Haiti).

A Nurse

I recently graduated with my Bachelors in Nursing and am pursing this career because of my great desire to help those who are ill and in difficult positions in their lives. It brings my great joy to be someone’s crying shoulder and help in time of need.

A Baker

I have always been obsessed with baking since I was young, but never was really good at it until I became diligent in making good cakes! I failed miserably but the more I baked the more I loved doing it! Im not an artist but i love being crafty and making pastries allows me to bring out the crafty side of me.

I created this blog to share recipes, encouragements, and my creative side to you all! Enjoy!

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