Chocolat Chaud Recipe

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetWinter time always calls for some hot chocolate. Although southern California doesn’t exactly have a winter (weather has been in the 80’s & 70’s), I still crave hot chocolate during this season! I have my usual hot chocolate recipe that is fairly quick but tasty. I will be posting that recipe sometime soon. This recipe that I will be sharing with you is a traditional French recipe. I love French recipes especially after going to Paris this summer, I have been more inspired to try and taste French food and recipes. For christmas this year I got a French cookbook that I have been using and reading a lot! It is called Sweet Paris by Michael Paul. It is a great book, full of amazing photography, short descriptions and wonderful recipes.

This hot chocolate I will say, is not like any hot chocolate I have tasted. It is so creamy and chocolaty and definitely a chocolate lover’s fantasy! So much chocolate!

Earlier in the day I made croissants (again from a French recipe). My husband and I had a holiday in Paris this past September and fell in love with all the desserts we ate there, especially the croissants. We have never tasted anything like the ones we had there! I was so inspired by how good they were as well as the other pastries I have tasted, that when I came home I attempted to make some. My first attempt was a total failure. My second attempt still was a failure. My third attempt was a charm! This time around I used a recipe that took me 3 days to make. I am so relieved and happy that I was able to have the croissants come out this time! They were so moist and tasty! They reminded me so much of the ones I had in Paris. I still cant believe that my croissants came out so good this time! I will definitely be making more soon!

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

Here is the recipe to the Hot Chocolate

Old Fashioned French Chocolat Chaud

Serves 4


– One vanilla pod

-600ml milk

-2 tablespoons brown sugar

-Pinch of sea salt

-150g bittersweet dark chocolate, finely chopped

-100g milk chocolate, finely chopped

300 ml double cream whipped to serve (optional)


1.) Have the chocolate chopped and ready to go and place in a separate bowl.

2.) In a pot combine the milk, heavy cream, salt, sugar and vanilla pod (cut in half and scraped; leave in the pod to soak the flavor in the milk). Turn up to medium heat and allow the mixture to come to a simmer (not a boil).

3.) Remove from heat. Remove the pod. Place the chocolate in the milk mixture and whisk continually until silk and smooth.

4.) Reheat again but not to a boil. It may be served with whipped cream.

Recipe from: Sweet Paris by Michael Paul

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