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Life has been very hectic recently with all the holiday shopping, parties and plans for the next year. I apologize that I have not been able to update the blog due to being so bombarded, but I promise next year there will be many wonderful postings! 

Highlights of 2013

– I graduated nursing school with my Bachelor’s Degree

– My husband and I went to Haiti together for the first time

– My husband and I traveled three countries in Europe (England, France, Italy)

– I made my first wedding cake

-My sister Sandy and I made our first website presenting Viata Dulce Desserts

-I made my first blog ever!

-There are many other things that happened this year for my husband and I but if I were to name them all it would take forever!

I can truly say that this year it has been a difficult, wonderful and spontaneous journey and I am truly blessed by what God has done in my life and even in my heart. I cannot wait for next year’s journey as I will be announcing some new changes! I just pray that in everything God will truly be glorified. I hope that all you who read this blog will have a blessed New Year!

(The above picture is of last dessert I made this year. I made was a chocolate ganache tart topped with cranberries and blood oranges! I am still craving it! So delicious!)’


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