Voices Of Christmas

Christmas is just day one day away and boy am I excited! This past sunday, the 22nd of December, was my church’s annual Christmas concert called the Voices of Christmas. This concert is planned for all year and is a great opportunity for the kids and youth at our church to bless the Lord and the audience with their talents in music. There were many children who practiced very hard for their performance (singing or playing an instrument) and did a great job. It was truly an enjoyment watching the kids that I taught and still teach (I am a sunday school teacher) perform. After the concert there were many refreshments including the desserts I made! I was able to make 6 cake rolls and 175 Napoletanes. There were other many yummy desserts and food as well! I have to say, the team that put this concert did an amazing job and may they be blessed for all their hard work. I also give kudos to my sister Debby who did an amazing job decorating! Continue reading

Napoletane Recipe

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 presetEvery year during the Christmas season Romanians love to bake! One of my all time favorite Romanian desserts are the Napoletane. Everytime I would go caroling with my church youth group on Christmas Eve, I always looked forward to eating these desserts at the homes of those we caroled at. Napoletane’s have a crunchy yet creamy taste and they are a perfect treat for the holidays. Enjoy!

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The one accident that I am glad that happened!

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Recently I have been thinking abouthow to make original recipes. I have been researching which ingredients goes with each other and came up with my own twist! I was planning on making a white vanilla cake last night with all my ingredients put together but to my surprise it turned out differently from what I expected. Although the cake didn’t turn out like the white cake I wanted, it still tasted very good and moist! I couldn’t pin point the exact taste because to me it tasted between a mixture of sweet bread and yellow cake. Today I took portion of my cake to church and had my sunday school kids (I am a sunday school teacher) try it and tell me what they think it is. To my surprise they said the same thing! A cake and sweet bread mixed together! So after consulting with my sister I decided to name it Sweet Cake Bread because it doesn’t taste fully like a white cake but it doesn’t taste fully like bread either. This cake taste like a mixture of both and let me tell you, I am glad that my accident turned into this cake! I decided that the best filing that would go with this kinda of cake would be apple butter (the kind from Lucille’s BBQ). I rushed to Lucille’s and picked up a pint of their amazing apple butter and put this cake together. It tasted so good that I had to look away to not eat anymore!!! (It is definitely not the healthiest cake I have made, but it is SOOO GOOD). This is definitely a good cake for small parties or get togethers (You can also make mini cakes out of this).

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Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Whipped Cream


I just love this holiday season, especially the baking! I love how the christmas lights on my tree are dimly lit while I bake through the day and night,  while Christmas music plays in the background.

It is also a special time for me because this is the first post to my first blog ever! I am very excited to start blogging and sharing details about my work as a baker. With the newest post I wanted to share this wonderful chocolate cake that I recently made.

Yesterday, we celebrated my cousin Tania and her future baby boy (from Romania) at my home. It was my first time hosting a baby shower and definitely not my last! It was also a privilege to celebrate Tania because she is an amazing woman and mother to her children, and she has never had a baby shower! So this was her first one and my family and I wanted to make it special.




To celebrate Tania I made a yummy chocolate MOIST cake with a hazelnut whipped cream filling & frosting topped with sugar covered berries. Let me tell you that this cake was AMAZING and so MOIST! Definitely a cake that chocolate lovers should make.

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